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  • GambNafen  v.1.0GambNafen is a frontend (GUI) for Mednafen 0.9.18 WIP multi emulator (and upper series), written in Gambas. The program include support for files multi archive in rar and 7zip format, autodetection of system console, a window to preview and ...
  • ProxyTerm  v.0.2ProxyTerm (pterm) is a simple tool to control console applications running on a remote machine. Unlike in telnet/ssh, applications are not terminated if the connection is shut down, but are kept running for subsequent connections from pterm ...
  • SDL Asylum  v.0.3.2Young Sigmund has a few problems. To help him resolve his mental instability you must enter the surreal world of his inner mind and shut down the malfunctioning brain cells. A port of Andy Southgate's 1994 Acorn Archimedes platform ...
  • Server Save  v.1.0Server Save is a Linux tool to shut down a laptop based server in the even that it is disconnected from power (and therefore running on battery). If you like, its kind of like a poor-mans ...
  • FSViewer  v.0.2.6FSViewer is a file system viewer for Window Maker, developed by George Clernon visually and functionally in analogy to the Workspace Manager of NeXTStep(TM).
  • KShutDown for Linux  v.3.0 Beta 2KShutdown is an advanced shut down utility for KDE/Linux.
  • Simple TCP FUSE File System  v.1.2Simple TCP File System is a FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) based networked file system.
  • America's Army 2.5 Assist  v.1.0A GUI client application for Downloading Installing and Playing Americas Army 2.5 on Windows, Mac and Linux with a new custom authorization system. On the server side a Desktop server manager for Windows, Mac and Linux and a Command line dedicated ...
  • ScopServ-VoIP  v.2.1.3 BetaScopServ-VoIP is a Web-based GUI management interface for the Asterisk system.
  • Avira AntiVir UNIX WebGate  v.1.3.0-12Avira AntiVir UNIX WebGate is a dedicated security solution, that acts as a web proxy, scanning the entire HTTP and FTP traffic, and keeping you protected from malware and unwanted programs.Benefits: - Innovative AHeAD (Advanced Heuristic Analysis ...
  • Grub-choose-default  v.1.0grub-choose-default is a simple but handy GUI to set the grub default for the next boot.
  • Network UPS Tools  v.2.6.3An extremely powerful and versatile client/server based approach to UPS monitoring.
  • FlexiServe for Liunx  v.1.6FlexiServer is software for automatic employee time attendance logging. It also features additional tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, and works perfectly with home or remote working staff. FlexiServer is the modern replacement for ...
  • Notice Publisher plugin for Trac  v.0.1.1A Trac plugin to display Notices to any User visiting any page in Trac. Take a look at the Web site on Trac-Hacks: This is useful to bring everyone attention on news that affect all users, like the ...
  • Vdrd  v.0.1.2vdrd project is a daemon to control VDR.
  • P2pshaper  v.1.4.2In short p2pshaper is a set of scripts for the Linux OS, that is used to administer bandwidth on a network overloaded by massive p2p traffic.
  • WmNetscapeKiller  v.0.3wmNetscapeKiller is a WindowMaker dockapp for.
  • WSGIProxy  v.0.2.2WSGI turns HTTP requests into WSGI function calls.
  • Hc-cron  v.0.14hc-cron is a cron daemon for 'home computers'.
  • Killppp  v.1.0killppp purpose is to kill ppp pid after n time of no traffic.
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